Resources – Qigong

Qigong Bootcamp – Baduanjin

If you missed the first class of Bootcamp, please watch the first 34 minutes of this video

List of moves and their functions

Warm Up

Breakdown of Arms for Archer

Baduanjin – Archer arms and legs

Walk through warm up and form with verbal cues – Front View – Mirror Image

Practice – no verbal cues – Back View

Warm up and Baduanjin (front view no verbal cues – mirror image)

Baduanjin performed by Professor Yang Bai Long of the Chinese Health Qigong Association

Qigong Teachers worth looking into:

Anthony Korahais:
Bruce Frantzis:
Chunyi Lin:
Jason Tsou:
Ken Cohen:
Lee Holden: https:/
Mingtong Gu:
Shou-Yu Liang: