Your participation in Powered by Qi’s online classes, sessions, seminars or events, and/or use of Youtube videos means that you fully agree to the following:

Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risk:

I am aware that the risk of physical injury and emotional stress are inherent in the practice of meditation, movement, martial and other arts taught by Powered by Qi, Kelly Hong-Williams, and/or her assistants. I hereby voluntarily assume full responsibility for all risks of loss, damage or injury of any kind that I may sustain, including but not limited to damage to any of my property while attending in person and/or online classes or while using the videos. I have not requested or received any warranties as to the effectiveness of this training

Medical disclaimer:
I acknowledge that Kelly Hong-Williams is not a medical doctor and that her teachings are not a substitute for the advice of a physician or psychotherapist. I understand that if I have a medical or psychological problem, it is advisable that I should consult my healthcare provider before training with Kelly Hong-Williams. I understand if for any reason Kelly Hong-Williams and/or her assistants deem there may be any potential safety risks for any reason whatsoever, I will not be permitted to participate in the class.

Online Classes: I understand that during live online sessions, the instructor may not be able to see me for a variety of reasons, ie. the camera is disabled, various technical reasons, or because the instructor’s screen does not show my image. As such, I should exert extra caution, assuming that the instructor cannot see me, and I am responsible for staying within my safety zone. I understand that I am following a live online session or using the videos at my own risk.

Full release of all claims including negligence: I hereby release, waive, and discharge Kelly Hong-Williams, including all of her officers, employees, representatives, agents, and instructors, from all liability of any kind, to the undersigned for any and all injury, loss or damage which may be suffered by me, or to my property, because of any matter, thing or condition, negligence or default whatsoever, while attending seminars, instructor trainings, classes or using videos of Powered by Qi or Kelly Hong-Williams.

Acknowledgment of Rules and Procedures: I hereby agree to obey all rules and regulations of Powered by Qi and Kelly Hong-Williams and acknowledge that these rules and regulations have been established to keep order and protect students from injury. I agree to abide by the directions of Powered by Qi, Kelly Hong-Williams and her assistants, and the rules and regulations established for these studies to minimize risk of injury. I agree not to teach any of the material learned during Kelly Hong-Williams’ classes, seminars, and/or sessions. I agree not to film, audio record or take pictures of Kelly Hong-Williams’ classes, seminars and/or sessions. I understand any violation of rules, harmful behavior or disturbances may result in being asked to leave the training immediately without compensation.

Notice of copyright and trademark: I acknowledge that the names, materials, exercises and components used in any classes, seminars, sessions or events are protected by copyrights and trademarks owned by Powered by Qi, Kelly Hong-Williams and that such names and materials may not be reproduced in any form (whether in print, electronically or otherwise), sold, or otherwise used without written permission.