Reiki Testimonials

“I recently had a one hour reiki session with Kelly; this was my first experience with reiki though it has interested me for some time. I cannot say enough good things about this experience. Kelly was kind and gentle and welcomed me into her home graciously. The massage table where we did the energy work was the comfiest I’ve ever been on, and I felt instantly at ease. The energy work itself was very powerful and I could feel Kelly drawn to certain blockages and channels within me; some of which I was hoping beforehand she would settle into and did. I felt blockages being released; what I would describe as a burst of energy erupting from an injury location and also a divine, warm sensation of light and comfort flowing through me. I came out of the session feeling a sense of wholeness and euphoria. Admittedly, the next day I felt lethargic and like I had toxins still releasing, but I was comforted to know, when Kelly followed up with me the following day, that this is a normal side effect. She encouraged me to rest and to drink plenty of fluids. Kelly is clearly very gifted and passionate about her work, and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone with an interest or curiosity surrounding energy work.”

Chelsea R.
Surrey, BC
Oct 2018