Energy Healing Testimonials

I recently had a one hour reiki session with Kelly; this was my first experience with Reiki though it has interested me for some time. I cannot say enough good things about this experience. Kelly was kind and gentle and welcomed me into her home graciously. The massage table where we did the energy work was the comfiest I’ve ever been on, and I felt instantly at ease. The energy work itself was very powerful and I could feel Kelly drawn to certain blockages and channels within me; some of which I was hoping beforehand she would settle into and did. I felt blockages being released; what I would describe as a burst of energy erupting from an injury location and also a divine, warm sensation of light and comfort flowing through me. I came out of the session feeling a sense of wholeness and euphoria. Admittedly, the next day I felt lethargic and like I had toxins still releasing, but I was comforted to know, when Kelly followed up with me the following day, that this is a normal side effect. She encouraged me to rest and to drink plenty of fluids. Kelly is clearly very gifted and passionate about her work, and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone with an interest or curiosity surrounding energy work.”

Chelsea R.
Surrey, BC
Oct 2018

I had a beautiful Reiki therapy session with Kelly today. I felt comfortable and secure when I first met Kelly, and when I left, I floated out the door. I was feeling a lot of chaos when I arrived; feeling like I had too many decisions to make, too much rattling around in my mind. Afterwards, I felt more relief, less pressured: more of a “lightness of being” I suppose.

Kelly is respectful of one’s person, a competent practitioner who understands the therapeutic value of Reiki body work. Her humour and warm personality are a definite asset to put one at ease.”

Jenny K.
White Rock, BC
June 2019

Kelly is not just my healer, she also holds the title of one of my most important, and cherished friends. I knew her before from Reiki shares when she had a studio in the States. She was always so very powerful that I would get giddy when she was picked to be at our table. This summer, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As soon as she received word, she forced her beautiful self into my life. I had been having so much pain in my breast that it was keeping me up at night. I did not want to worry anyone, so I didn’t tell. Kelly came over, worked on me for an hour and the pain was reduced to something sporadically dull and mild. Just in an hour. I slept so noticeably well that night. She has been my partner in cancer crime ever since. She is an unbelievable energy healer and feeler. She has been blessed with sensitive gifts that I’m sure few possess. I will leave you with the fact that her wisdom supersedes her talents. You will be better for knowing and connecting to this beautiful soul.”

Danielle H.
Birch Bay, WA
Nov 2019

I was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago. Kelly and my reiki friends worked on me. Kelly made several trips to my home when I was at my worst. On the day of my surgery, my doctors were amazed how well I did during and after. I know I couldn’t have gotten through this without Kelly. I consider myself a very fortunate person knowing her. Kelly is very powerful and sensitive to people’s needs. I’m proud to call her my friend.

Barbara K.
Ferndale, WA
Nov 2019

I must admit that I was skeptical about trying Reiki. I didn’t feel very much during the session and wondered if it was helping me. Well, it did. After Kelly finished the treatment, I was more relaxed, peaceful, calm, and felt lighter. Kelly is warm, friendly, and giving. Her enthusiasm and positive energy are infectious. She’s the real deal!”

Chang M.
Ottawa, ON
Nov 2019

“Kelly is a very dedicated, empathetic, and intuitive energy worker, who is passionate about sharing her gift of Reiki in a safe and comfortable environment. She is an excellent communicator who is most welcoming and generous with her time and energy. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone seeking quality Reiki support.”

Carole Q.
Birch Bay, WA
Nov 2019

“When I first met Kelly in Tai Chi class, I was drawn to 2 things, her calm, clear, warm demeanor, and the way my energy was impacted for the better by being in her presence. My heart calmed, my mind cleared, and my mood and energy improved. As a person aware of how my energy impacts others, it was profound for me to feel the reverse so powerfully from someone I barely knew. That lead me to seeking her guidance through Reiki which has been a profound experience as my body, mind, and spirit have all been fortified by her work on me. I highly recommend the restorative benefits of Reiki work with Kelly.”

Catherine L. H.
Nov 2019

First off, Kelly is my sister, so this may sound biased, but if you’ll allow me, I’d like to share some of my experiences. I’ve had several Reiki treatments from Kelly, and each time was new and interesting. One time, surprisingly, I felt intense heat as her hands hovered over my abdomen. I say “surprisingly” because her hands were cool to the touch! Another time, my head throbbed as she worked over me. I worried a bit because I was afraid the treatment might set off one of my migraines but actually, it was the opposite. She must have released some sort of blockage because I was left feeling relaxed and contented and not even a sign of headache. Sometimes, the effects aren’t felt immediately but manifest themselves a day or two later when I find myself wondering, “Wow, why do I feel so good?” Kelly obviously has the ability to work with your energy. And now, after reading some of the other testimonials, I’m even more convinced. It wasn’t just my imagination.”

Maeng H.
Aug 2020

I was lucky enough to receive a clearing session from Kelly at the completion of our Compassion Key certification course—she is truly a gifted practitioner. Kelly comes to the work with years of therapeutic experience, knowledge and tools which explain how uniquely present and grounded she is able to be throughout the session. I love that she began with a reiki-infused guided walk through the body, which allowed me to relax deeply and open to the clearing. The CK phrases she led me through both illuminated and expanded upon the issue I wanted to target; somehow she knew the exact words and phrases and how to deliver them. It’s very clear Kelly has an intuitive knowing that provides a space for you to feel genuinely safe and seen with her facilitation. I also appreciated the insights and resources she offered with warmth of heart at the end. Most of all, I’m grateful for the clarity I’ve gained since she left me with the quote “Leap and the net will appear.” Thank you, Kelly!”

Kim P.
June 2023

So I had a remote session 7/15/23 with Kelly.
It started with a relaxing meditation. As I felt the energy channels opening in my crown and feet, my right arm starting twitching and then I sort of jolted. This was before the Reiki sending even started. During the session I felt various body pains crop up in turn and imagined good energy flowing to each. There was a sensation of loosening in my left cheek where I have a mucus cyst in one of my sinus. I imagined my 3” scar from a recent surgery healing (I have a lot going on). The next day my hurt ankle felt somewhat better and I was able to do my PT exercises. I also felt my mood began to lift. Would love to try an in person session sometime!

Alyssa M.
July 2023

I’ve been receiving reiki sessions with Kelly for over half a year now, and it’s been making such a HUGE difference in my life. Her 7 Days of Reiki and 21 Days of Reiki Package is definitely the way to go. Working with her every day has helped me stabilize my energy and my overall wellness in so many levels.

There’s been a lot of growth in my spiritual journey, and I’m pretty excited for myself and my future.

Thanks, Kelly – for your care, teachings, support, and just your presence. Such a wonderful and powerful being! So grateful to have met, and I enjoy working with you!

Marly M.
Oct 2023